Advanced Professional Services is a registered business in the province of British Columbia. We are located in the city of Vancouver. Our consultants have vast background, vital knowledge and experience in the immigration matters and are fully certified with CSIC.

We understand how important and monumental the decision is to migrate to another country; therefore, our approach is to work closely with our clients to develop immigration plans and roadmaps tailored to their situations and inform and educate them about the things unforeseen.

Canada’s immigration policies have been going through massive changes lately affecting the current as well as future applications. We, as your representatives, keep an eye on the ball and guide you accordingly if there are changes affecting your application.

Though our legal services end once the clients get their permanent residence status, our commitment to guide them to get assimilated in the society continues. For us, our services are more than mere legal representation.

We wish you good luck with your plans!

Beware of Ghost Consultants

There are a lot of consultants out there offering immigration services. You will come across fancy advertisements, tall claims and elaborately decorative offices.  Don’t be impressed with any of these. These self-proclaimed, unscrupulous consultants use tactics like misleading with wrong or outdated information, create panic by spreading rumours. They never use their names as your representatives on your application because they are not authorized to do so and are known as ghost consultants.

The profession of immigration consultancy is regulated by Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. Unless a consultant is a member of the society, he or she cannot represent anyone.

Why Retain Us?

We promise to offer an elaborate solution to all your immigration needs and assure quality and professionalism.

We are equipped with mechanisms and tools for up-to-date information on immigration laws, policies, procedures and practices and we operate according to a strict, enforceable code of conduct by CSIC.

When you hire a certified consultant to represent you, you send a message to the immigration authorities that your application is complete in all respects and your representative will challenge any decisions against you. It also shows your commitments towards your intent of immigration to Canada.

Here are our exclusive traits:

Increased Acceptance Rate

Statistics speak for it: you may submit an application for a Canadian immigration visa on your own, but your chances of success are higher if represented by a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant, who is qualified to do the job and do it more effectively.

Shorter Processing Times

A perfected application will move through the process to visa issuance significantly faster than an application that contains errors. We are incredibly cautious and scrupulous in preparing the applications and supporting documents.

Avoid Surprises

Citizenship and Immigration Canada officers have specific expectations with regards to the presentation of your qualifications. Failure to meet those expectations will, at the very least, cause a delay in the processing of your application and may even result in a refusal of the application.

Peace of Mind

Your representation is in safe hands: you don’t need to worry about the preparation and progress of your application.

Refund Policy

We stand behind the professional quality of work we do. We avoid accepting cases unless we ourselves are not convinced of the success of your immigration application to Canada. If your application for Canadian permanent residence is refused for any reason other than health, criminality, security, misrepresentation or omission of information on your application, we shall promptly refund the fee minus the non-refundable component to you; however, no such refund will be made should you voluntarily withdraw your application for Canadian permanent residence.

These terms and conditions are detailed in our legal retainer agreement.

Confidentiality and Trust

We are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to represent you in the Canadian Immigration process. We are a member in good standing of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultant, and you rest assured that we hold clients documents and information in confidence.