Canadian Immigration Services

The Programs

There are a lot of programs to immigrate to Canada: primarily these are divided into two categories Provincial and Federal programs. We assess your credentials and requirements and guide which program you should be applying for.

To guide you effectively, please provide  your detailed information in our query form.

Express Entry

This is the most straightforward and fastest federal program.

Criteria for Skilled Worker Express Entry

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) uses Comprehensive Ranking System CRS, which is a points-based system that to assess and score your profile and rank it in the Express Entry pool. The invitations are extended to qualified applicants twice a month.

It’s used to assess:

  • Age (Up to 29  = 100; 30 = 95; 31 = 90; 34 = 75)
  • Skills
  • Education (Max 140)
  • Language Ability (Max 128, IELTS)
  • Work Experience in Canada
  • Work Experience Abroad
  • Valid Job Offer in Canada (50 Pts.)
  • Siblings in Canada (15 Pts.)
  • Education of Spouse
  • Language Ability of Spouse
  • Work Experience of Spouse

Doctors / Nurses / Engineers:

Doctors and Engineers fall under NOC A category, while registered nurses fall under Noc A and Noc B.

Provincial Nominee Programs:

Canada has many PNP programs; these programs are provincially regulated. Most of these programs are designed to meet provincial requirements of human resources; hence, a valid job offer is required for these programs.

We have helped many clients with the BC PNP and Saskatchewan PNP program.

Our Typical Process:

  1. Gather your details on our query form.
  2. Calculate your score using CIC’s official tool.
  3. Evaluate your score as per CIC’s official scores if you qualify:
  4. Provide complete guidance on the options application, documents, any evaluation required.
  5. Sign retainer and start application process.

Typical Timeline for Skilled Worker:

LMIA process if a job offer is required = One to three months

Permanent Resident Application Process = Eight months